Process return & exchange


3 - 5 days

FULL Tracking

Track & get notified

Services We Do

Enjoy your cross-border shopping & purchase in China.
And, AllSome Pack safeguard your experience.

You Shop

TaoBao, TMall
Buy your world !


We Check

Quality issue?
Return & Exchange?
We handle for you !


We Ship

China to Malaysia
3 - 5 days
We forward the best !


We Track

China Domestic?
Arrived Malaysia?
Track your package anytime !


How It Works ?

As simple as 1, 2, 3 ...

Step 1 : Place Order

Send your package to our warehouse
(address will be given)

Step 2 : Quality Check

We will handle the work
But, you can always check the status anytime

Step 3: Done

You will get your tracking code when it's shipped
Receive your package in 5 days.

Check Our Awesome Features

Buy your world, we forward it !

Oversea Purchase (China)

Buy from China with no agent fee.

Oversea Forward (China)

RM11.80 / kg. No hidden fee.

Full Tracking System

China & Malaysia, track your package anytime, anywhere.

Be part of something AWESOME

Awesome pricing plan that fits your needs

Basic West


1 kg

West Malaysia

Basic East


1 kg

East Malaysia


Frequently Asked Questions that you may be interested in


What is AllSome Pack?

AllSome Pack is a quality cross-border logistic solution with full package tracking system. We check your quality, process return & exchange and notify you for your package whereabout.


What is the advantage of using AllSome Pack ?

With low budget cost, AllSome Pack provides you with top quality services. Fast & trusted, what you need is what we have!


Seriously, how much do I need to pay to get my package from China to Malaysia?

Seriously, it cost only RM11.80 per kg (for limited times only). No hidden fee.


How does AllSome Pack manage to provide such a good rate ?

AllSome Pack works really hard to implement an effective management system which can significantly reduce manpower while increasing performance.


Does AllSome Pack provide service to buy from China to Malaysia?

Yes, we may help you to purchase with no agent fee.


So, I can forward anything?

Almost. We however cannot forward food and items which violated the law and regulations.


Who should use AllSome Pack services ?

Everyone who shop from China. For shopaholic and merchants, we have special offer! Don't limit yourself, enjoy your reckless shopping experience to the fullness! Join us today!


Do I need to pay any upfront fee ?

No, it's FREE to join & register. Join us today for better rate!

Claim your promotion today, RM11.80 / kg

Experience the difference! You'll be set up in minutes.

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