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You sell. And, AllSome Pack does the rest for you.
Yes, ALL.

We Receive

Not at home?
Limited storage space?
We're here now . .


We Pack

Costly courier bag?
Tiring 1-by-1 packing?
We pay for your packaging . .


We Ship

Handwritten address?
Increased courier cost?
We bear your pain . .


We Track

No system?
Trouble in tracking?
We have AllSome Track!


How It Works ?

As simple as 1, 2, 3 ...

Step 1 : Place order

Send your products to us directly from your suppliers . . .

Step 2 : Just relax

Things are all automated. But, you can track the order anytime. . .

Step 3 : Completed

When the package is shipped, your customer will be notified with tracking code . . .

Check Our Awesome Features

You sell. And, AllSome Pack fulfills your orders with whole lots of awesomeness !

Oversea Purchase (China)

Import and receive products effectively. Starting from RM8.80 / kg.


Warehouse Management System keeps track of your real-time SKU inventory.

Order Management System

Manage all your orders at one place, fulfill with one system.

Cash On Delivery (COD)

Customers prefer COD? AllSome Pack supports that too.

Self Collection

Customers prefer self-collection? No problem too.

Premium Support

Track your parcel at ease and notify your customers automatically.

Be part of something AWESOME

Awesome pricing plan that fits your needs

Basic West


1 kg

RM1.50 Subsequent kg

West Malaysia

Free 1 month, 1m3 storage

Basic East


1 kg

RM1.50 Subsequent kg

East Malaysia

Free 1 month, 1m3 storage



Custom packaging ( S )

+ RM0.10 ( M )

+ RM0.20 ( L )

+ RM0.30 ( XL )


Frequently Asked Questions that you may be interested in


What is fulfillment by AllSome Pack ?

You sell it, AllSome Pack ship it. Starting from warehouse & storage, quality check, return & exchange, ship and track your packages throughout the entire shipment process to your customer's doorstep.


What is the advantage of using AllSome Pack ?

Assumed you receive packages in bulk from China, unpack, check orders, hand-written consignment note, repack & send out to your customers. By using AllSome Pack, you just need to enter your customer' address. And, you're done !


Seriously, how much do I need to pay for fulfilling an order with one item ?

Seriously, it cost only RM6.95 per kg and additional RM1.50 for subsequent kg for West Malaysia. For East Malaysia, it will be RM9.30 per kg and additional RM1.50 for subsequent kg.


How does AllSome Pack manage to provide such a good rate ?

AllSome Pack works really hard to implement an effective management system which can significantly reduce manpower while increasing performance.


How does AllSome Pack make profit ?

AllSome Pack is giving away FREE courier bag and FREE pick & pack service. How we make profit is that we'll paste comercial stickers on the courier bag. So, AllSome Pack budget solution is a win-win solution.


Can I just subscribe to Awesome pack ?

We're sorry, you can't. Awesome (China) oversea purchase rate is meant for AllSome Pack subscribers. In details, you may need to subscribe to at least Basic pack in order to be entitled for Awesome (China) oversea purchase pack.


Who should use AllSome Pack services ?

Merchants, especially merchants who purchase in bulk and resend in huge volume. AllSome Pack reduces your manpower & packaging cost. Join us today!


Do I need to pay any upfront fee ?

No, it's FREE to join & register. Join us today for better rate!

Claim your promotion today, RM11.80 / kg

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